EL-MECH-PLAST Jedziniak Spółka Jawna company has been established in 1998 by Jozef Jedziniak. EL-MECH-PLAST manufactures an accessories for the furniture industry, including the edge banding tapes and other furniture profiles. Production halls and warehouses are located at the PLASTICS WORKS, INC. GAMRAT S.A. area in Jasło.

The offered products are covered with a HYGIENIC CERTIFICATES supplied by National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (HK/B/0037/02/2016 and HK/B/0563/OI/2016).


Extensive experience in the design and construction of industrial machines translates into innovative solutions in various stages of production. Modern technological lines and watchful eyes of our experienced technical team allow us to provide high quality final product and professionalism in the field of company business. Our priority is to implement modern technology to improve product quality and development.


EL-MECH-PLAST directs its products not only for the domestic market, but also a substantial part of the foreign markets. The customers of EL-MECH-PLAST are companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece but the majority of the export sell belongs to the eastern markets: Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania where complete PVC extrusion line was delivered and installed as “turn key”