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    It protects board’s edges and decorates cabinets. Excellent for finishing board’s curves and rounds-off. Commonly used for children’s furniture thanks to the cutter montage, and its soft surface. Installation with or without a glue. Our offer includes many different patterns – available on request

    Dimensions: Gp 16mm ; Gp 18mm ; Gp 28mm
    Type of packaging: Carton
    Gp 16mm: 600x600x41mm
    Gp 18mm: 620x620x47mm
    Gp 28mm: 580x580x70mm
    2 x 25mb (Gp 16mm i Gp 18mm)
    2 x 20mb (Gp 28mm)
    Carton weight:
    16mm = 5 kg; 18mm = 6 kg; 28mm = 9 kg
    Max. quantity in courier’s package:
    Gp16 – 6 op. (350mb)
    Gp18 – 5 op. (300mb)
    Gp28 – 3 op. (120mb)
    Max. quantity per pallet:
    Gp16 / Gp18 – 40 op. (2000mb)
    Gp28 – 40 op. (1600mb)